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Hi there-
I decided to make this community for the approximately 8 million of us live journal users in this boring little town and its outlying areas (Cape Coral, Naples, Bonita Springs, Pine Island, and yes, even Lehigh). Suprisingly enough we have some good things to offer musically and we all do just about the same damn thing every night. Feel free to join whether you live here or are just interested in whats going on. ... it doesnt matter, everyone is free to post. This is for all of us...oh and you "scene kids" keep us up to date on shows and what not...If you want anything added to the interests section drop me a line and I'll see what I can do.

Disclaimer: This is pretty much 100 percent free speech, or at least 95%. If you don't like something then don't read it. While I won't tolerate specific insults or spam being tossed about I am not (for the most part) going to censor anything. Oh, and petebrost can pretty much post whatever the fuck he wants.

*sadly some of the bands/places listed are no longer with us..may they rest in peace*