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Last Merkit show. For real. C'mon out. We'll have a complete collection CD ready too. Dig it & spread the word please!

PS This flyer is at 300 dpi, so if you are so inclined to print it out, it won't look like shit!



Here's info for a show that is happening on July 10th. We (as in the people involved in Merkit) will be gone from until July 5th, so we need help spreading the word. This flyer is scanned in at 300dpi, so you can print it without looking like poop. Also, please post this on whatever sites you think are necessary! Here's the info:

The are from Connecticut and play a totally emotional version of hardcore like few others. Here's a review of their demo:
"The BOOK SLAVE is a unique band with an energy like none other. I got to play a show with them while on tour last summer & had the pleasure of experiencing it first hand. The band is comprised of two twin brothers playing guitars & singing. The bond they share comes across strongly live & lends itself well to creating the ethereal & somewhat swirling songs on this demo. It has a heavy emotional hardcore base, like many bands from the 90's had & mixes in some shoe-gazey melodies & guitar tinkering. This isn't wimpy in the least, as this review might have led you to believe. The guitars are played so hard that you can hear them striking the strings. Shouted vocals & driving progressions keep this well within hardcore guidelines, but the personal, somber lyrics & damn fine layout have a feel all it's own.
Listen//Watch: (regardless of what their myspace says, the show is at Nevin's)

We'll be fresh off of tour and tight as fuck. Bring the noise.

Two men relieving themselves musically. Ugly & bad emotions come spewing out.

Two parts JIYUNA with female vocals offer up epic hardcore like Ft. Myers does.

Hell of a guy playing solo acoustic. Will he have a mustache? You'll have to wait and see.
look really good.

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I don't even know if anybody looks at this community anymore...but, The Lollygaggers are playing a show at Cafe Matisse in downtown Fort Myers on Friday 14 May 2010 at 8PM! It's freeee! (:

Cafe Matisse
2236 1st Street
Downtown Fort Myers.

come on, guys, i'm re-posting this. i know at least ONE of you qualifies for this!

Hey, I work with southwest Florida M.A.D.D. and the Lee county Police Department setting up things for the Victim Impact Panel which is a court-ordered meeting for D.U.I. offenders to attend. It features speakers that are victims or family of victims that have been affected by drunk driving. We are looking for speakers! It's the first Thursday of every month at the courthouse downtown. If you or someone you know has a story about how drunk driving has affected your life and you would like to speak at one of our panels, that would be great! Contact me for questions or information and tell me your story! It could just be your story that affects someone . . .
You can contact me either on here or by phone: (239) 369.0722 -or- (239) 246.2612

Do it!
Caryl Anne.
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look really good.

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Does anybody know what these stickers are/where they're from/what they're for? I figured they're somebody's tag or something. But, I was wondering if anybody knew for sure..

I've seen them all over town. this one is from the drive thru at the Starbucks at the corner of Colonial & Fowler and, there's another one in that drivethru. then, there's one by the entrance to the Target at 41 & Daniels. and, I've seen one near that bank if you're going to turn right on Daniels driving out of the Target shopping center...